Who is INGEDE?


Leading European paper manufacturers founded the
"International Association of the Deinking Industry" in 1989.

Current members are 28 paper mills and research departments of paper mills from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

What means deinking?

It is a key process in paper recycling, it means removal of printing ink.

What are the goals of INGEDE?

Today recovered paper is recycled to produce cardboard, packaging paper, office papers, newsprint and hygiene paper. In the future more recovered paper can and should be recycled, also for higher quality graphic papers recovered paper can be used as a resource. In order to keep these products light, to avoid them getting darker even going through multiple recycling, the ink has to be removed: the recovered paper goes through the deinking process. This process should harm the environment as little as possible, and it should also lead to a high quality product. To achieve these goals, everybody involved in these steps has to cooperate.

INGEDE wants to bring everybody involved together to ensure and improve the recyclability of paper products. The better the deinking process will be developed, the bigger the contribution of paper manufacturers is towards avoiding waste and protecting the environment.

What does INGEDE do?

The association supports research in the field of deinking utilising the work of well known research institutes to fulfill the needs of ist members. INGEDE also cooperates with other players in the field of recycling, as with printing ink and machinery manufacturers, paper finishing industry and suppliers of additives.

INGEDE's Policy

How we see ourselves: here.



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