INGEDE Symposium 2015

Jori Ringman of CEPI (Celebrating 25 Years of INGEDE)

Thank you for joining us for the
24th INGEDE Symposium
on February 11, 2015!

Here you can download all the presentations.



        Update on INGEDE’s Activities
pdflogoUlrich Höke, Chairman of INGEDE



        Project Mainstream on Circular Economy
pdflogoJori Ringman, CEPI


Josef Augusta

        Paper for Recycling Quality from a Mill Buyer‘s Perspective
pdflogoJosef Augusta, Austria Papier Recycling


Almut Reichart

        The New Blue Angel
pdflogoAlmut Reichart





EcoPaperLoop Project Final Results


Two Team

        Improving Collection Strategies
pdflogoRoland Zelm



        Recyclability of Packaging Products
pdflogoHans-Joachim Putz


Daniele Bussini

        Life Cycle Assessment of Printed Paper Products and Sustainability Calculator
pdflogoDaniele Bussini


Mija Sezun

        EcoPaperLoop Recommendations for a Regulatory Framework
pdflogoMija Sežun


Andreas Faul

        ERPC revised Deinkability Scorecard
pdflogoAndreas Faul


David Croll

        Common INGEDE/DPDA Project: DPDA Ink Study
pdflogoDavid Croll


Johannes Kappen

        Overview of relevant Research Projects
pdflogoJohannes Kappen


        Closure and Outlook
        Ulrich Höke, Chairman of INGEDE

        The next INGEDE Symposium will take place in Munich on February 24, 2016.

On multiple request: Emma. On Vimeo in HD. More about paper being sustainable here!


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