Improving recyclability ...

... is a challenge for all European countries. The European Declaration on Paper Recycling 2006–2010 can be found on the ERPC website.

In order to promote a European "Recyclability Label" for print products, INGEDE supports the development of test methods for recyclability that are agreed upon all over Europe. At a workshop in Darmstadt different approaches were discussed.

Workshops Test Methods

CEPI Guidelines on responsible sourcing of recovered paper (Jan 2006) and
      the Guide to an Optimum Utilisation of recovered graphic paper (Final Version 2002)

Overview about current problems and challenges of paper recycling (Presentation given by Dr. Krauthauf at the European Recovered Paper Council in Brussels, 28 Oct 2002): Automated sorting of recovered paper is necessary!

A Color Ink Particle Analyzer (CIPA) to monitor ink particles in the deinking process has been developed in cooperation with INGEDE

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Last update: 13 July 2007